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    While you may expect a long list of conditions for the darn tough Lifetime Guarantee, the Darn Tough Warranty does not exclude wear and tear.  It is not just a lifetime warranty on the manufacturing or a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, it is a lifetime guarantee that the socks you have are the socks you want to have and if you are tough enough to wear a hole in the socks then send them back for a new pair.
    TWO conditions to Darn Tough's lifetime warranty include:
    1. The socks are not counterfeit - Be sure to purchase only from authorized resellers as Darn Tough will not replace counterfeit socks with New Socks.
    2. You return the original pair - Darn Tough wants to examine every pair of returned socks to look for ways to improve socks.  This warranty does not cover lost or stolen socks.


    1. Return to any Sock Annex Retailer with original socks to receive an instant replacement pair.
    2. Complete Darn Tough Online Warranty Claim Form and follow instructions.